Monday, November 23, 2009


When I arrived in Japan nearly three months ago, I said "はじめまして" (hajimemashite–nice to meet you) seemingly infinite times. Now that I'm finally setting up this blog, I'll say it again. はじめまして。

In late August, I boarded a plane in Detroit for Japan's southern-most island, Kyuushuu, hoping that two suitcases was enough to hold all my worldly possesions. I am now here on the first in a series of adventures on which I'm eagar to embark; this one is teaching English in three high schools in rural Saga prefecture. Who knows what the world holds next?

Since I've been here, I have learned to live, work and pay my bills in my second language. I have been loving things about Japan that I missed greatly when I returned to the States after studying abroad; I have been missing things about the States equally while here, as well. I have been able to travel more here and look forward to every additional occasion I can do so. I have met wonderful people in my little town here–all in all, I am quite enjoying my time on the "other side of the world."

I hope you enjoy following my days in the life.

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  1. Yay for you!You need to update me personally sometimes though I am a lazy blog follower! :P